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For the past two years I have been working with expert web developer and IT specialist Igor Constantin to develop a custom tailored EHR solution specific to the needs of the upper cervical chiropractor. Initially the project started as a result of listening to two mantras I heard repeated often by uc doctors.

  • My EHR system took me 12 months to get it tailored for my office and it still doesn't do exactly what I want.
  • And worse, many I know threw in the towel six months after using an EHR as it was slow, clunky, and made their practice less efficient.

As a result of these two recurring issues I never bought an EHR for our practices. After working with Igor for one year, doing web design and SEO, it became apparent that his skill set was above and beyond website buildout and SEO. He approached me about practice automation, A.I., and building out a custom EHR platform specially tailored for our practices.

After two years of collaboration we created the current system that is able to do all of the things that I dreamed of but could not find in other systems.

Most chiropractic offices use many third party services that drive traffic away from their web site. Things like online scheduling, blog appointment traffic, rescheduling, all are done off site and not through their website. This platform is housed inside of a doctors website and drives all traffic, whether it be online scheduling, patient education, rescheduling, blog appointment interfacing, automatic email pushes for new patient education, and monthly practice alerts and office under one house- your website.

An added bonus, to this EHR is A.I. self learning. Data collected from your practice members will be culled by A.I. and you will find out all sorts of information about your practice that will help you hone in on patient education, better SEO, and targeting "your ideal patient".

Several features that I'm super excited about are three fold:
  • The ability to send automatic emails directly through the EHR that is triggered by RFID check out at each appointment. Automated emails educating patients on each visit increases patient education, engagement, and provides a simple platform for sharing the practice to friends and family.
  • Built in A.I. that will automate content delivery to patients that is unique to their history and complaint.
  • Practice app that makes patient education, engagement, patient access to their own notes, and progress tracking of patient response as they go through care.

This EHR will maximize practice automation, internal practice marketing, and A.I. FEEDBACK on practice analytics that will help grow and automate any upper cervical chiropractic practice.

Dr. Drew Hall

Blair Chiropractic Society board member

Future Roadmap

What and how we offer after you signup for using ChiroWebMD software

  • Website

    First Step of Process

    We get your website ready to work with ChiroWebMD Software. Regardless of whether your website is custom-coded, CMS or SquareSpace, WIX, our EHR can interface directly on your website. Also, if you are looking to upgrade to a new website we have a solution through our website design specialists..

  • Integration

    Second Step of Process

    After first year, when we come to your office and install the system, will send you a free turn-key system that includes a computer, electronic signature pad, badge scanner, and photo/video camera. The system will be replaced for free each year, (pre-printed return label included) so you always will have latest computing technology. You will also get up to 100 custom printed RFID badges/month for your practice, new and existing patients.

  • Database

    Third Step of Process

    We'll transfer all your old database in the new HIPPA compilant EHR, hosted with amazon Underneath you will be able to recognize some of the agencies that are hosted in same place. Also, if you choose to use the system payment/billing module, we'll train you how to use it.
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  • Training

    Step Four of Process

    We come to your office (anywhere in 48 states) install and teach you, one on one, to use the system. After that, you have unlimitate learning video chat (Skype, TeamViwer), and chat sesions with a ChiroWebMD software specialists.

AWS Hosted Agencies

Some agencies hosted with AWS services

Frequently Asked Questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us with chiropractic practice related questions. We will be glad to help.

May I use your software on my website?

Yes, our software can be integrated to any website you have.

What is your application support policy?

We offer unlimited support via email, chat, phone, Skype or TeamViewer sessions.

Can you help me modify my website?

Yes, there are a variety of options available based upon your needs. Contact us for information.

How do I pay for ChiroWebMD?

We accept payments through Credit Card, PayPal or over the phone.

Is there any Coupon code?

Yes, coupon codes are offered on occasion for different upgrades. It is recommended you subscribe to our email list so you may be notified as soon as they become available.

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Dr. Drew Hall

Member Blair Chiropractic Society

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