The system will allow patients to create appointments over the phone or online, direct from your business website.

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The system will allow patients to create appointments over the phone or online, direct from your business website.

Filename : Appointment Form


  • Patient can schedule an appointment online or over the phone
  • Patient can choose the location, doctor and available time for the initial consultation
  • Front desk is notified about new appointment and can contact the new patient over the phone to complete rest of the info and collect initial payment if necessary
  • If contacted by phone, front desk can assign a visit based on new patient requirements
  • Once the new patient arrive in the office, front desk can take a picture using the system camera, so the system can create a new patient electronic badge, and add it to its folder
  • Each patient will get an account that will be accessed from your business website
  • The new patient will be able to fill out the forms and documents on its computer or mobile device from home or anywhere it may have a WiFi connection
  • The new patient will be able to sign remotely electronically the documents using DocuSign integration or in the doctor office using a electronic signature pad
  • The patient will receive automatic reminder emails prior to each visit

AI Power

  • The patient will receive automatic follow up emails after each treatment visit. The system A.I. can help you in creating the emails
  • The system include a chat platform that act as a direct line between doctors, staff and patients
  • The system A.I will include in the appointment day reminder email the weather and road conditions based on patient location. The email will contain a mini report of time necessary to travel and the shortest route the patient need to take in order to arrive in time
  • Each email will contain google map and weather API redirects to be used in realtime
  • The appointment can be setup initial from experience or using a template from our library
  • After more data is collected by the A.I. the system can suggest changes to the way the app was setup
  • Congue
  • Highlight.jsSyntax highlighting for the Web.


The business owner will be the one that will have access to all the system reports and features. Can make changes and add modifications, and the system will show all the performance indicators using our proprietary charting interface. This system can recommend changes or make automatic changes on non structural parameters.