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Time vs Money

You can earn more of one, but not the other. It’s time to change how your valuable time is spent. It takes a lot of time and money to make a chiropractic office thrive. For new chiropractic offices, depending on the owner’s ...

Behind a Successful Patient Orientation Class

Expressing the importance of chiropractic as well as gathering the interest of new patients is not as easy as it seems until you have a strong structure! You also need to constantly spread awareness about your classes, which our system can do automatically for you!

Email Marketing: Far From Dead

This small marketing technique packs a punch! Learn why email marketing is important for your office and how our system helps automate it! Did you know email is the #1 activity on the internet and on mobile devices? I don’t know...

OUCH! Multitasking is Hurting More Than Just Your Practice

Multitasking may give you the feeling of accomplishing more, but at what cost? Let’s face it, there’s a lot to do in a day and when we encounter busy days, we usually multitask in hopes of getting more done around the same time. Running your own practice can wear you out and you can easily experience burn out faster if you focus on multiple things at once, but multitasking does more than increase the chance of burn out.

Tasks You Can Automate With Chiropractic Software to Save Time

Many successful specialists rely on chiropractic software to work smarter, not harder. Even if you consider yourself a successful chiropractor, there is always room for improvement. Imagine not having to schedule your patient...

How to Keep a Sustainable Chiropractic Practice

Many chiropractic practices have a hard time focusing on what really matters. Learn the three basic things that keep a chiropractic practice successful.

Small Tasks that Enhance Your Practice’s Brand Image

With all that time you save with ChiroWebMD, what will you do next?! Check out our list of small details that create a huge impact on your regular and future potential patients. It is a known fact that exceptional service makes...