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How Can A Chiropractic Office Increase Patient Retention?

Healthcare practices need to remember their existing patients should not be neglected while they focus on obtaining new ones. Having good patient retention is very important and increasing patient retention is not the same as increasing customer retention elsewhere in companies based on technology, retail, entertainment, or places that try to increase the number of times consumers come back.

Expand Your Chiropractic Business

Whether you are just starting out or part of an experienced chiropractic office, expanding can be quite overwhelming. There’s a lot to keep in mind to help encourage your chiropractic office’s growth and sometimes being consistent can be challenging. Consistency is key to office growth, but you must be consistent in the right areas.

How to Reduce Your Response Time

The most significant characteristic of high-quality customer service, according to consumers, is a quick response time. However, just because you respond quickly does not mean it is a “quality” response. The trick is to lower your response time while still being able to have consumer solutions and quality to your responses.

How to Have Efficient Customer Service

Did you know efficient service is valued more than plain friendly service? Be efficient while providing a positive experience for your patients! It is important for your practice to respond with great speed and accuracy while still providing quality customer service.

Why Organization Matters

How does being organized affect you? How do we react to clutter and disorganization? There are many benefits of staying organized consistently and a lot of things can fall out of place when you don’t. In this article, we will go over why it is important to stay organized

Efficiency = Profit

Are you being efficient or just staying busy?. It is no mystery the amount of profit is dependent on efficiency. When it comes to services you provide, efficiency is measured a little differently than those who sell product. But how can we know if what we are doing is efficient?

Build Stronger Connections with Your Patients

Stop limiting the office experience! Expand and allow your patients to become part of it even more!. When it comes to running your own chiropractic office, connections with your patients matter. Building strong connections with your patients enables them to have trust in you and create a foundation of loyalty

Why Analytics Matter

Analytics provide some very powerful information that can help you now and in the future! Learn what this data can do and how we give you the power to collect your own!

What’s So Great About Digital Forms?

Instead of the obvious “save money by going paperless”, what else is there to going digital when it comes to forms? Get excited, you’re about to find out!

The Magic of Automatic Patient Follow-Ups

What’s the big deal of having automatic follow ups? How does it benefit you and your patients? Let’s count the ways! We are at the point where automation is very beneficial to saving us time and money, but there are other ways automation can benefit your practice – having automatic follow ups is one of them.