Have confidence in your documentation by always asking your patients the right questions and having consistent record of all relevant data at your fingertips. If you are not currently using our fully integrated chiropractic specific and customizable EHR solution, your documentation may be at risk due to lack of guidelines and standards for collection and recording. This is especially true for Medicare patients, where chiropractic SOAP notes have specific, strict requirements.

General Questions

What can ChiroWebMD do to impact my practice positively??

ChiroWebMD helps chiropractic offices become more profitable, productive, and responsive to change.

Who or what ChiroWebMD can help?

Chiropractic offices big and small, whether they are seasoned experts in the field or just beginning their exciting journey.

What can ChiroWebMD help them with?

We look to streamlining the workflow of Chiropractic office so they may improve their results and help them adapt to changing trends as they occur.

Is ChiroWebMD bring something your practice really need?

Our clients desire to boost their output with less strain on them and their teams – which our software helps them accomplish.

Why ChirowebMD is doing all of this?

ChiroWebMD will become the staple software of Chiropractic offices and provide innovative technology that sets the trends others will look up to and strive to reach.

Each and every configuration step has a video explanation that give you detailed information. Those can be used anytime you need. Also, we have a help line where you can talk with a specialist. We are the chirowebmd management software developers so we know and solve all problems on the spot. We can add features upon request.

Billing Questions

How can I pay for the use of this software?

We accept payments over the phone, direct with a credit card or with PayPal.

What do I pay when I sign up?

You will pay absolute nothing. There are 30 days free to use entire chirowebmd management software. We will send you all the equipment with a free return label. If you are not satisfied for any reason, then you return the system anytime in the first 30 days.

How much it cost me to transfer my patients database?

The setup will cost you nothing. You can import your database directly into our system, or we can do it for you at no extra cost.

EHR solutions and practice management systems with incomplete tools, poor configuration and lack of integration all contribute to an inefficient workflow which can hold back your practice’s growth. You shouldn’t have to spend more time with your practice software than with your patients, and with the right practice management and EHR you won’t have to. Unnecessary time spent on software takes away important opportunities of building positive relationships with your patients. This can have a negative impact on patient retention and referral generation.

Support Questions

What do I get when I subscribe to your service?

The complete software, one new system (laptop/PC) per office, with signature pad, video-camera and RFID scaner. The system is ready to go, completely preconficurate.

What are the RFID cards?

All your team and patients will receive a card, that will be the fastest way for your new system to register on and off each patient/office member. The system will keep track and notify your staff when patients enter the office and help you streamline entire process increassing productivity.

How many RFID cards will I get?

Each month your office will receive up to 100 personalized RFID cards, so you will be able to hand them to your new patients when they come to treatment first visit.

Not only is our software developed specifically for the chiropractic profession, but it is designed to be fully integrated into every aspect of your practice to have everything you need at one place. From check-in to check-out, our software guarantees your data collection and input is quick and customizable to your treatment plans.

Our collaboration with trusted chiropractic experts, including Dr. Drew Hall and Dr. Ray Drury, allow us to develop compliant documentation that comes pre-loaded in our software. You can easily customize this documentation for your practice. This chiropractic documentation integrates seamlessly into your practice’s workflow, syncing with patient-entered information from check-ins to outcome assessments making compliance convenient and easy.

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