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ChiroWebMD allowing chiropractors to communicate with patients one-on-one

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Chiropractic marketing has never been easier. With automated chiropractic education and patient engagement tools, ChiroTouch’s chiropractic marketing software helps your practice stay top-of-mind with patients and allows you to make the most of those valuable provider-patient relationships.

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  • Our chiropractic marketing software makes it easy to reengage with patients who have missed appointments or not received recent chiropractic care. Additionally, automated text messages and emails keep you top of mind with patients.
  • Appointment reminders can be sent automatically from our chiropractic scheduling software, via text message or email, helping ensure that patient reschedules are kept to a minimum. Reminders are also directly integrated with our software’s scheduling, making daily, weekly, and monthly appointment management a snap.
  • Automate your chiropractic marketing to announce live events, share newsletters, and notify patients of office promotions either en mass or to targeted groups of patients. ChiroTouch makes it easy to communicate to specific segments of your patients, providing more individualized information, thus increasing response rates.


  • Alerts can also be customized for specific patients, such as those on a multi-appointment plan, letting them know how many visits remain before the end of the plan cycle.
  • It will also automatically compile a follow-up call list of any patients who miss appointments, making calls to reschedule a seamless activity. You can also automate the generation of other recall lists, such as lists of patients who have not had an appointment in “x” number of days and who have no future appointments.
  • Statistics show that offices not using appointment reminders experience a 16-18% miss rate, which can equate to a significant reduction in visits and loss of revenue over the course of the month. New, advanced tools now offer automated texts or emails for missed appointments as well as recall templates.
  • ChiroWebMD offers a full suite of tools that can be used to fully customize text and email campaigns. Custom campaigns can be set up to send birthday messages, holiday wishes, office hour updates, promotions, and more, keeping your patients engaged and showing you care!


ChiroWebMD allowing chiropractors to communicate with patients one-on-one, on an ongoing basis. Quickly create customized patient communication campaigns using a variety of templates that can be targeted to certain patient types. Templates include topics like missed appointments, birthdays, events, promotions, educational tips, and many more. Campaigns will send personalized messages to patients through email or text, as well as through in-app patient messaging if the practice is using ChiroWebMD.