Front desk is notified about new appointment and can contact the new patient over the phone to complete rest of the info and collect the deposit if necessary. If contacted by phone, front desk can assign a visit based on new patient requirements.

Once the new patient arrive in the office, front desk can take a picture using the system camera, so the system can create a new patient electronic badge, and add it to its folder. Each patient will get an account that will be accessed from your business website.

The new patient will be able to fill out the forms and documents on its computer or mobile device from home or anywhere it may have a WiFi connection

  • Automatically reminders for reexamines based on treatment settings
  • Automatically reminders for xRays based on treatment settings
  • Multiple treatment settings with artificial intelligence
  • Patients presence notification and display for the time period of office visit
  • Automatic notification for patients financial status (if they need to pay upfront)
  • Automatic xRay settings for minors
  • Legal documents electronically signed
  • Picture taken and associated with patient account for added security

Improve the experience of your patients with leading chiropractic practice management software and make a great impact in your office by providing a convenient and automated workflow for you and your staff. Do not let busy office days or tampering with outdated software get in the way of your interaction with patients. Instead, let our software do the work for you so you can give them a more positive experience every time.

During a patient’s visit, our software will sync to your tablet to provide you with patient information instantly. As you move from one patient to the next, you will stay up to date on patients who are ready in the waiting room. Any new personal input and patient history will be updated and after the appointment is complete, codes are sent to the front desk for easy check out with available billing.

Say goodbye to scanning forms or pulling out charts and reduce repeated data entries.
Our software provides all users in the practice accurate patient information. All time lost from manual and redundant tasks can now be put into improving your practice.

Customize alerts.
Alerts make it possible to be notified when a patient is on a certain number of visits, has a copay or authorization period expiring, and track pre-paid plans. Custom alerts can also be made for office staff or providers to prompt them upon opening patient charts.

Schedule multi-phase treatment plans all at once and even save templates.
Customize views by provider, room, and day. Color code backgrounds and visit types. Set rules and alerts for how many patients can be seen in specific time slots. Patients can even request appointments online which send instant alerts into the scheduler.

Customizable options accommodate both print and electronic billing.
Multiple scrubbing tools are included to help improve submission approval rates Outstanding claims can be sorted and tracked by last activity and follow up status, making insurance follow-up is easy quick and easy.

ChiroWebMD comes pre-loaded with dozens of reports organized by category.
Filter and break down practice information by provider. Easily track end-of-day totals and productivity. Gain insight into what marketing is driving the most new patients and see specifically where your practice is generating revenue.

Automate reporting for patient visit averages, referral business, and much more on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Chiropractic practice management has never been so simple. Improve the way you manage multiple documents and reduce manual data-entry by implementing our paperless forms. Patients can fill out and electronically sign forms such as new patient intake and HIPAA forms from an iPad or computer. You can also create custom paperless forms, as well as uploading documents specific to your state. Completed forms then integrate seamlessly into the patient files in our software and sync across all system devices.

What You Get

A full-stack solution designed for modern chiropractic care